Free Copy of U.S. Hispanic Cultural Values Study 2013

U.S. Hispanic Cultural Values in 2013

Cultural values are shared beliefs among members of a cultural group that govern the actions and decisions of group members. Even though U.S. Hispanics hail from 20 different countries, many share similar cultural beliefs.

ThinkNow Research wanted to measure how U.S. Hispanics rank commonly held Cultural Values and compare the rankings across various Hispanic segments to see how they differ from each-other.

Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk, Partner, ThinkNow Research, conducted a similar study in 2003 as part of a Master’s Dissertation at Cal State Los Angeles. That research was also presented at the 2003 ARF and AHAA conferences in association with Garcia Research. The topline findings of that study were used for comparison to the 2013 findings to see if there has been a shift in the ranking of Cultural Values by U.S. Hispanics over the past 10 years.In this study, you will learn the importance of the following values among U.S. Hispanics:

  • Family unity
  • To be surrounded by friends and family
  • Respect for elders
  • Morality and decency
  • Equality of the sexes
  • Generosity
  • Religion
  • Having control over my time
  • Community with other Hispanics
  • Control over my destiny

Learn how you can stay competitive over the long-term by understanding Hispanic consumer values. Gain insights on how important certain cultural values are important to Hispanics and why it's important to think critically about these values when creating a marketing strategy to reach Hispanics.

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